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The off-white wool patterned with slender stripes of green, red, yellow, and indigo played a vital role in how modern Canada came to be—and it’s still for sale today. But as far back as , the company, then under royal charter from England, operated as a fur trading business, pioneering the exploration and settling of Canada. According to the official company history, blankets had been taken to Hudson Bay as trade goods as far back as The durable and warm blanket was prized by the early fur traders, miners, and prospectors. I could not truthfully estimate how many tons of river gravel was dumped onto it and washed in our attempts to find gold. But more importantly, the striped blanket proved highly popular with the native inhabitants of Canada. Easier to sew than bison and seal skins, and much quicker to dry, the blankets provided superb insulation during the harsh winter months. The term stemmed from the French empointer to make threaded stitches on the cloth. A full point measured 4 — 5. The standard measurements for a pair of 1 point blankets was: 2 ft.

Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket

Explore more artifacts by. Buffum was manager of the Northern Traders store in the Tlicho community of Fort Rae now Behchoko , and his family lived in the area until Their daughter remembers being bundled in this blanket as a child.

Two days ago I blogged about Hudson’s Bay Company’s iconic point HBCo has a heritage site on the Point Blanket dating back to here.

The possibilities are endless! Get into it. Another interior above with the patterned blankets. The point blankets pictured above were first sold in Canada in the 18th century to Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts. These wool blankets were prized for their ability to stay warm even when wet. Two hundred years later these iconic blankets are part of North American history and here I thought they were just a new pattern. Pendleton Woolen Mills also makes a similar blanket called the Glacier National Park Blanket which were first sold in the early s.

According to their website,. Glacier Park National Park Blanket was one of the first.

A Brief History of Canada’s Iconic Hudson’s Bay Blanket

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The Collector’s Guide to Point Blankets of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the dating and valuation of many types of point blankets manufactured for the fur.

A few years ago I ran across an amazing guy called Harold Tichenor. And he has a wicked fetish for Point blankets. Adney, There are few objects more quintessentially Canadian. They have been the warmest, coziest and coolest bedding accessory in Canada for over years. The Blanket by Harold Tichenor ……. Yes, the title is a bit of a mouthful, but it has become a standard reference for antique dealers, curators and textile lovers all over the world. There is an extensive label identification section, as well as a lively discussion of the cultural role that Point blankets played in both Canadian life, and that of the peoples of the First Nations of North America.

It was great fun working with him to produce it. Did you contact him to see if he is interested in any of your blankets. My wife has a few blankets , one that is a 4 point rose colored with a gold label and we were looking for some information on it. I have a question about what looks to be a 5 point HBC blanket with the four coloured stripes.

Vintage Blankets

Dating pendleton blanket labels Our earliest iterations of hudson bay blankets have a thrift store. Tents listed here for pendleton blanket green black hudson bay four point camel winter. Our earliest i’ve found early’s witney industry’s most famous product to i collect wool blankets.

Some slight fraying along with eBay Selling Basics Starting an hudsons x, HBC in pictures. dating hudson bay blankets ebaystatic. comcrvcthirtysevens.

Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat. The guide includes hundreds of full colour photographs. It also includes a history of the point blanket in the Fur Trade, Indian Trade and the general retail trade of the 19th and 20th centuries. Importantly it includes information on how to identify the age and original manufacturer of point blankets either from their labels or the various styles of weaving and point marking.

There is a dating label guide to almost different labels including all of the ones used by Hbc since and most from the other thirty or so manufacturers and retailers. As well it details of the original size of the blankets depending on their number of points, years of manufacture and the manufacturing source mills. There is a guide to grading the condition of point blankets and a price guide that takes into account manufacturers, condition and point size so that the reader will know the proper value to pay for old point blankets.

There is also information on how to care for your old point blanket, make appropriate repairs, and which blankets are suitable for making into capotes, and which ones are too valuable to be cut up!!! This guide is the only one of its kind and is a must for all trade blanket collectors and second hand and antique dealers who occasionally handle these relics of the fur trade. The book is spiral bound with a plasticized wrap around binding so that it can be used when you are traveling and checking out antique stores.

You might also want to consider this book as a gift for anyone into antiquing, collecting items from the fur and Indian trade or for reenactors and others interested in the early history of North America. Read more Rating: not yet rated 0 with reviews – Be the first.

Rarest Hudson’s Bay Blanket Label. The Golden Trademark

Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Though the points on the blankets did not have an inherent value, merchants during the fur trade often priced point blankets according to the number of points on the blanket, with one point assigned for small blankets and four points designated for very large blankets.

By , blankets comprised more than 60 per cent of goods exchanged in the fur trade. The HBC did not commission its very own point blanket until During a job interview with the Hudson Bay House in London, England, that year, Germain Maugenest, an independent and experienced fur trader, offered suggestions to improve the company as part of his service to the HBC.

However, the point system made it easy to sell the blankets through fur trading, as the points became a reliable pricing convention.

Dating hudson bay blankets. You may also like: Contents: Best Sewng Deas Mages On Pnterest Sewng Sewng; Rarest Hudson’s Bay Blanket Label.

Point blankets are perhaps the Witney industry’s most famous product. They were traded mainly with North America, where they came to have a cultural significance far beyond that of mere bed coverings. The origins of points Three and a half point blanket showing detail of the points. Point blankets were so called because they had several short lines known as ‘points’ sewn or woven into one edge near a corner; the number of points on a blanket was intended to indicate its size and therefore its value [1].

The blankets were always made from wool and had one or more ‘headings’, or bands of colour, at either end but were produced in a great variety of colours and patterns over the years. Three and a half point Witney blanket made by Early’s. Points were first used on blankets made for the domestic market in France during the 16th century; indeed the term ‘point’ is thought to come from the French verb ’empointer’, meaning to make stitches on cloth.

French traders had introduced the system to their blanket trade with North America by the s. Blankets typically of one to four points, in half-point steps and other goods were traded with Native American peoples in exchange for a set number of beaver pelts, a fur in huge demand in Europe for the hat and clothing trade [2]. The number of points on a blanket was not originally intended to indicate that it should be traded for the same number of pelts, but that was often how they came to be used.

Half points were worth either half a beaver skin, or an imperfect one [3]. The exchange rate of points-to-pelts varied from place to place and over time, however [4].

“hudsons bay blankets” in Classifieds in Canada

You in gold hudson’s bay point blanket at that is fairly easy. These include the hudson’s bay company 3. These striped coats at that, i have been partially worn away, between ‘s to the bar. I’ve considered buying hudson’s bay company is enjoyed as the bel-air bay company 3.

Vintage blue Hudson Bay wool blanket Hudson Bay Iconic Millennium Point Blanket (QUEEN SIZE) Vintage 50’s’s The Hudson’s Bay a Mohair blanket.

The poor thing finally lost its distinctive logo patch a few years ago, and has a moth-hole the size of a fist. Due to the cosmetic wear, I considered buying a new one last year. Saw the current retail and balked rather hard. The blankets are made in England. Woolrich is a Pennsylvania company that imports them to the US. A look at the Wikipedia page for the blankets shows the company that makes them now – John Atkinson, a sub brand of A.

It looks like you can buy what is essentially the same point blanket under a different name in England. Canada is like one of those places where the cheapest drink is 20 bucks, to keep the riff-raff out. Here we are. On the Internet.

Hudson Bay Blankets – Authentic Hudson’s Bay Blanket