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The above leaflet depicts a Viet Cong guerrilla holding an Allied Chieu Hoi leaflet and surrendering to government forces. The text below the image is:. The entire people welcome the cadres and soldiers back into the national family.

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My brain seems to think it was raining, and a Met Office report concurs. A quick google confirms the sun went down that day at 4. My only other memory of that meeting is of a red-haired, indignant young man arguing ferociously that SATs were a terrible, terrible thing. Not so these days. Although it is notable that most of them seem to really like academies.


Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. The arrest and detention of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu in November and his trial in April has attracted more media coverage than any other dissident case in recent memory in Vietnam, and for good reason. The case pits an unusually powerful and well-connected legal activist against the highest political figures in the country, and involves a wide range of human rights issues including police misconduct, arbitrary detention, violation of privacy, land grabbing, neglect of due process, and repression of freedom of expression.

There is little doubt it will have a lasting impact on the ongoing struggle between the Vietnamese government and its critics.

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Eligibility any person who at the cut-off-date was located within high school, Le Ngoc Han high school, Kim Tan secondary school, Hop Thanh The project now is in UBND ph6 Lao Cai ph6i hqp VOl chii dau tu t6 chtlc cUQc hQp c6ng b6 chuy~n nhuqng, xay dt;rng nha cira, d&t dai trong viIng quy ho~eh. III.

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Guarantor: Citigroup Inc. All payments on the securities are subject to the credit risk of Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc. Additionally, t he hypothetical diagram is zoomed in for legibility and thus does not show the minimum payment possible at maturity Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc.

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Remember to pack light with only the most necessary items for a pleasant trip. The following gadgets are indispensable for your travels. The streets of Almafi were still empty, and very different from their usual buzzing scene. Travellive’s fashion photoshoot of March would bring readers to the heritage land of Halong to discover one of the Mother Nature’s wonders but also experience the art of architecture and fashion.

What makes this village so enticing to visitors, you might ask? Chile’s Atacama Desert is a place that I happened to discover by chance, and I was in awe of its surreal landscape.

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Take Action. See current list of cosponsors. For more information, download our recommendations on the federal response to the coronavirus below. You can also visit our dedicated webpage outlining our requests to Congress. Housing Instability Map. Learn about the most critical housing needs in communities across the country. Engage members of congress and other policy makers in solutions to end housing poverty. Get an overview of affordable housing needs at the state level.

Select a state to explore the data below! She outlines actions that Congress must take to prevent the looming eviction crisis and stop predatory companies from further destabilizing the housing market. Secretary Mnuchin said negotiators are discussing a compromise on eviction moratoriums and rental assistance.

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House Democrats are watching this week as the latest scandal to engulf the caucus’s campaign arm – this one on minority representation in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – is deepening divisions on Capitol Hill. Cheri Bustos D-Ill. Executive director Allison Jaslow resigned her position over the minority representation scandal on Monday; much of the rest of the senior staff have followed Jaslow out the door since.

My statement on stepping down from my post at the dccc today: pic. Jaslow’s resignation, Politico reported Monday, came after an emotional, emergency all-hands staff meeting Jaslow ran on Friday after the news first broke that apparently did little to assuage the concerns of the committee staffers over the level of representation in the organization.

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Nearly , people in 50 communities rely on MBTA bus service every weekday. The goal of the Better Bus Project is to understand and analyze where our bus service is not meeting the standards set by the January Service Delivery Policy , and propose recommendations to improve service. These recommendations will be developed through meaningful public engagement and municipal partnerships.

Between am and am, I was violently ill (vomiting and dia. “Me and my girlfriend ate 3 Doritos locos tacos each and that night I woke up with stomach cramps and diarrhea. Chuy’s, Research Boulevard, Austin, TX, USA.

Without your contact information it’s not possible to follow up on your complaint. Please provide your email. Food poisoning can occur as a result of eating Mexican food. The most commonly reported symptoms from Taco Bell are vomiting and diarrhea and the most reported diagnoses are Salmonella and Norovirus. Salmonella is a bacterial infection commonly associated with chicken.

Report It Now! My symptoms are: Diarrhea. Please select at least one of the symptoms. Location or product? I got sick from: I’m not sure. Make my report private.

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